28 benefit from Foundation’s N18m medical grants

No fewer than 28 Nigerians have received medical grants totaling N18 million as part of the 2017 zakat distribution programmes of the Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation (ZSF).

Cheques for the various amount, were distributed to the beneficiaries to enable them to pay for their medical treatments. The gesture covered ailments such eye surgery, breast cancer, fibroid, kidney transplant, hole-in-heart, leg surgery, spinal cord surgery support and hearing aid support among others.

Distributing the cheques to the beneficiaries, the Executive Director of the ZSF, Prince Sulayman Olagunju said this was another series of the Foundation’s mini Zakat Distribution Ceremony [ZDC].

“This is for the medically challenged indigents. “Today marks another ‘red letter day’ in the life of the successful applicants that will go home with their cheque to assist in resolving their health challenges. “Our joy knows no bound, especially seeing the zakat beneficiaries beaming with smiles on their faces, and knowing also that they are very happy with their dreams of settling their medical bills become a reality. “This joy of ours is cut-short when we know that we are yet to reach out to the multitudes who are still plagued with poverty and deprivations,’’ Olagunju said.

The ED also remarked that the harsh economic situation in the country had negatively impacted average Nigerians such that many people found it difficult to pay medical bills for chronic and life threatening ailments.

“Indeed, the avoidable current poor living condition of Nigerians, vis-à-vis the country’s abundant human and natural resources, is a clear indication of apparent contradictions.’’

According to him, both the public and private sectors have a major role to play in our quest to develop our people.

“It is against this background that we are distributing over N18m to 28 Nigerians today. “Today’s ZDC is meant to assist six (6) Nigerians for eye surgery, three (3) breast cancer and fibroid operation, two (2) kidney transplant surgery, two (2) whole in the heart surgery, two (2) leg surgery, spinal cord surgery support, hearing aid and host of others,’’ Olagunju said.

According to him, the foundation is aware of the enormity of the challenges ahead in addressing the health challenges of Nigerians. “We are committed to improving our service delivery to Nigerians irrespective of their ethnoreligious affinity. “The spirit of humanity inspires us to do more for the needy so that we all can have a sense of togetherness as people driven by the fear of God to help our youths, widows, the poor and less-privileged.

“We are also propelled to spread the spirit of loving one another and develop the potentials endowed in the common man, in order to attain lofty heights and move our country forward.’’

While wishing the beneficiaries speedy recovery from their ailment, for which they received the financial assistance, better days ahead, the Executive Director also thanked “all our zakat payers for their supports and patronage’’.

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