These FAQs and Terms are subject to periodic review and update. Registered affiliates will be notified of changes.

Our Affiliate Program will reward promoters of our causes with 5% of the donations made via their Affiliate link as empowerment and benefit for the effort and resources expended in helping us reach out to more benefactors. Any interested persons can register to join the program.

When you register you will get a referral link automatically generated for you. You can find your referral link in your dashboard after you login. Share your referral link with any promotional resources provided in your dashboard to friends and family or promote on social media, blogs, and websites. Prospective donors will be directed to our website to make donations and you will get 5% of the donation made in Naira as your commission. No commission on donations made in foreign currency.

The rate is 5% of confirmed donations through an affiliate link.

No commission on recurring donations.

Any person who has an active Nigerian bank account.

You will receive your commission into the bank account detail you provided during registration. The name on the bank account must be the same as the name of the affiliate.

The affiliate program is being managed by Stainless Computers on behalf of Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation. You will receive your commission payout from Stainless Computers.

Commissions are paid in the first week of every month if they reached a minimum threshold of N1,000.

Commissions are earned and paid in Nigerian Naira. No commission on foreign payments or donations.

Yes. Go to the Creatives menu on your dashboard to access the available resources you can use for promotions.

Your dashboard contains the necessary metrics that will help you monitor the progress of your campaigns.

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