Pay Your Fidyah – Ramadan 1440 (2019)

Pay Your Fidyah – Ramadan 1440 (2019)

What is Fidyah

Fidyah is to be paid in circumstance for those who are unable to fast due to difficulty (old age, terminal ailment, pregnancy, breast feeding, etc) a provision must be made by feeding a poor person for every day of fasting not observed.


  1. Find your location area in the table below.
  2. Multiply the amount by the number of days of missed fast.
  3. Enter the total in the Amount field and click pay.
  4. If your location is not in the list, use LAGOS amount.

Pay Your Fidyah for Ramadan 1440AH (2019)

* are compulsory

Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation

ZSF is a non-governmental and non-profit organization incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 21237 in 2002). Our primary objective is to deliver quality Zakat assessment, collection and distribution services to both private and public individuals as well as corporate organizations, providing humanitarian and welfare services to mankind and Muslims in particular.

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