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To be a foremost and leading organization committed to improving the welfare of the less-privilege and adding value to stakeholders’ support.

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Give Sadaqat (Charity)

Sadaqat is a charitable voluntary donation made in cash or kind to support the needy persons and aiming for the pleasure of Allah with it.

Support An Orphan

Bring Hope, Happiness and Education to Those Who Need Support Most. Orphans have no one to care for them and spend their days struggling to survive.

Infaqul Afwu

Infaqul Afwu is the practice of donating the excess or surplus of your new or used items for the benefit of the less-privileged in the society.

Pay Your Fidyah

Fidyah is to be paid in circumstance for those who are unable to fast in Ramadan due to old age, terminal ailment, pregnancy or breast feeding.

Qurbani To The Poor

Participate in the blessed act of Qurbani with Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation. Your sacrifice ensures that the less fortunate can also enjoy the blessings of Eid-ul-Adha

Urgent Causes

O believers! If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you and establish your feet firmly

Welfare Support

The idea is about bringing succour to Muslims and mankind generally in special areas like emergency relief, prisons, welfare homes, orphanages and widow amongst others.

Educational Support

In fulfillment of the obligation of Allah to acquire knowledge, we're seriously concerned about the education of Muslim students. We pay for their school fees and give grants for research.

Medical Support

As a matter of priority, this is one area that touches our heart deeply. We help those in need to off-set their bills, procure medications, treatment, under-go surgical operations within and outside the country as the situation demands.

Zakat Assessment, Collection & Distribution

Our primary objective is to provide quality Zakat assessment, collection and distribution services to both private and public individuals as well as corporate bodies. We’re ever-ready to respond to any of your inquiries on Zakat assessment, sadaqat payment or distribution anytime of the year.

Economic Empowerment Support

Zakat collected are used to procure merchandise goods, vocational materials, and equipment among others. This, we do in order to assist the poor to establish small-scale enterprises or repositioning of existing one.

Widows/Orphans' Support

ZSF is fully committed to putting a smile on the faces of widows and orphans. This, we try to accomplish through the sadaqat we collect from donors. During Ramadhan, Eid-ul-Adha festivals, ZSF usually provides food items, clothing materials and some monetary incentives to these people.

Give Sadaqah

The Messenger (PBUH) told us that Sadaqah extinguishes sins like water extinguishes fire. It’s a generous mercy from Allah that protects your successes and blesses you in hardship. Give Sadaqah and reap the beautiful rewards.

Give Zakat

Give your Zakat, fulfil this beautiful duty, and reap Allah’s mercy by relieving the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable families. 100% donation policy.

Sadaqatul Jariyah

Sadaqah Jariyah is a timeless, caring charity that promises great, ongoing reward for the person who gives, even after they’re gone. Give Sadaqah Jariyah and reap the blessings year after year.

Become a part of the Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation family

ZSF Advocacy

To create awareness of Zakat and Sadaqah Foundation to Muslims globally and in Nigeria specifically

ZSF Business Clinic

Helping Muslims Enterprenuers to improve their business and economic prowess in order to improve the circulation and growth of Muslim business establishments and Muslim community

ZSF Volunteers

To complement their efforts, we provide office needs, furniture, propagation instruments, food items for camping programmes, sponsorship of seminars/workshops among other.

Calculate & Pay Your Zakat

Nisab is the minimum threshold your net worth must reach before you will be eligible to pay Zakat.


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" Giving Does not reduce Wealth"

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