About Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation

The idea to float an entity that would revive the most neglected pillar of Islam informed the birth of Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation, otherwise known as ZSF in the year 2000. ZSF is a non-governmental and non-profit organization incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 21237 in 2002). Our primary objective is to deliver quality Zakat assessment, collection and distribution services to both private and public individuals as well as corporate organizations, providing humanitarian and welfare services to mankind and Muslims in particular.

Our Vision

To be a foremost and leading organization committed to improving the welfare of the less-privilege and adding value to stakeholders' support.

Our Objectives

  1. To bridge the gap between the rich and poor.
  2. to re-awaken the spirit of social responsibility among Muslims.
  3. To return Zakat to it right position in Islam.
  4. To create a credible channel of distribution of Zakat.
  5. To ensure even distribution of wealth for empowerment of the less privileged ones.
  6. To establish cordial relationship with other similar organizations both locally and internationally.

Our Core Values

The acronym PACT is our core values which means
  1. Professionalism which implies our expertise and competence.
  2. Accountability to Allah and the stakeholders which implies our stewardship.
  3. Care to humanity which implies our dedication.
  4. Trust from Allah which implies responsibility and confidence reposed in us.

Our Mission

1. To help the rich enrich the poor.
2. To care and touch people's life.
3. To benefit humanity in general.

Our Services



The idea is about bringing succour to Muslims and mankind generally in special areas like emergency relief, prisons, welfare homes, orphanages and widow amongst others.



In fulfillment of the obligation of Allah to acquire knowledge, we’re seriously concerned about the education of Muslim students. We pay for their school fees and give grants for  research.


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Zakat collected are used to procure merchandise goods, vocational materials, and equipment among others. This, we do in order to assist the poor to establish small-scale enterprises or re-positioning of existing ones.



As a matter of priority, this is one area that touches our heart deeply. We help those in need to off-set their bills, procure medications, treatment, under-go surgical operations within and outside the country as the situation demands.

Nisab is the minimum threshold your net worth must reach before you will be eligible to pay Zakat.

Nisab (Gold)
Nisab (Silver)

More Ways to Contribute

Sadaqat (Charity)

Sadaqat is a charitable voluntary donation made in cash or kind to support the needy persons and aiming for the pleasure of Allah with it.

Waqf (Endowment)

Waqf is a charitable endowment of property or fund held in trust and used for charitable purposes without consuming the property itself.

Infaqul Afwu

Infaqul Afwu is the practice of donating the excess of your new and used items for the benefit of the less-privileged in the society.

Subscribe & Refer

You can subscribe for a regular donation and refer friends and family who can do same to support the indigents in our society

Pay Your Fidyah Here

What is Fidyah? Fidyah is to be paid in circumstance for those who are unable to fast in Ramadan due to old age, terminal ailment, pregnancy or breast feeding, a provision must be made by feeding a poor person for every day of fasting not observed.

Ways to Become A Beneficiary

Apply for Zakat

Submit an application letter for assistance.

Business Competition

Enroll for the Annual Business Plan Competition.

Request Infaqul Afwu

Make request for available new and used items.

Our Regional Offices


Suites B40, Fanaha Business Suites Complex

No.7, Bozoom Close, Behind AP Plaza, (Yahuza Suya Spot), Off Adetokunbo  Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, FCT – Abuja.

Tel: 080 56 26 48 12

Oyo State

KM 129, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, Boluwaji Bus Stop, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Tel: 080 55 37 43 40

Edo State

Ozo-Eson House

101 Uselu Lagos Road, Benin City, Edo State.

Tel: 080 64 33 34 40

Osun State

Suite 1, Aderemi Oyekan Shopping Complex, Behind New Office, Ataoja Estate, Gbongan, Ibadan Road, Osogbo.

Tel: 080 62 31 60 22

Kwara State

Shop 3, Irewolede Plaza, Behind De-Cannan Filling Station, New Yidi Road, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Tel: 080 33 59 87 11

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